Border inspection authorities organized practice training that “Emergency related with health issues-Code-9”, in the “Chinggis Khaan” international airport, in order to  provide experiences that how to organize disease response at the border entry points and coherence and coordination among relevant authorities in case of spread of infectious disease and suspicious passengers.


In the practice training, executives of WHO, MH, NEMA, GASI, CGA, NCZD, NCCD, IMMIGRATION, POLICE, CAA etc. participated, discussed burning issues and gave functions to related organizations.

DSC 2240 640x425“Emergency related with health issues-Code-9” is the activities that to isolate patient, to pretend from spread of infection and to transfer to related medical establishment. This emergency activity will be alerted and response will be implemented in 3 cases that plane crew informs about suspicious passengers before the aircraft landed, plane crew informs about suspicious passengers when aircraft door opens and when feverish passenger determined by thermacam.DSC 2445 640x425