Cautions to prevent from construction injuries

Interior decoration is being continued even building founding is stopped due to cold weather. Thus, the Chairman of the GASI obliged heads of necessary inspection departments and Metropolitan Specialized Inspection Department that to focus on occupational safety of construction sites.


This decision is made from operational meeting 24 November 2014.

Metropolitan Specialized Inspection Department sent a demand that to stop founding to the all enterprises operating in construction sector. Implementation of the demand will be checked this week and recommendations to prevent from injuries are begun to delivered to all construction sites those which under construction.   

In next 2 weeks, inspection departments agreed to dispatch proposals of next year’s risk based inspections that will jointly be implemented with state and non-state organizations, to determine 2015 operational strategic objectives and to develop indicators that to measure the results of the objectives, to evaluate inspectors’ activities those who are working with title of state inspectors and to make lists of buildings and facilities that has possibilities to be built at border ports by local and state budgets.