Direction of the Inspection

Directions of Food, Agriculture, Industry and Service Inspection Department

  • Veterinary inspection:

    -       Animal health inspection

    -       Veterinary medicine and bio-preparation inspection  

    -       Control on laws, regulations, rules and standards on veterinary, quarantine and hygiene

    • Veterinary hygiene and quarantine inspection
    • Inspection on products and raw materials of animal origin
    • Inspection on entities and organizations in the field of veterinary, veterinary laboratory, slaughterhouse and meat processing industries.

    Animal husbandry breeding inspection

    -       Implementation of laws, program and project

    -       Protection and improvements of animal breed genetic fund

    -       Good structure of animal type and flock, compatibility of sire and dam

    -       Implementation of technology that to separate sire of small cattle form the flock during non breeding season

    -       Quality and standard requirements for sire

    -       Gathering core flock and raising young sire

    Seeds and sorts quality control:

    -       Inspection on corp seeds quality to be met standard requirements

    -       Inspection on seeds quality of branches of state stock of seeds and agronomy support fund 

    -       Irrigation field, irrigation system and result inspection

    -        Seed storage and warehouse standard inspection

    -       Inspection on border entry risk analysis of corp seeds and plant

    Plant protection and quarantine inspection:

    -       Inspection on compliance of Phytogenic raw materials’ quality and safety and regime of hygiene and quarantine of flow of producing, storing and transporting

    -       Control on quality, usage and storage conditions of plant protection chemicals and fertilizers

    -        Control on preventing from prevalence and harm of pasture pest and rodent animals

    -       Control on implementation of cooperation agreements and contracts with foreign countries and international organizations in the field of plant protection and quarantine

    Food production and technology inspection

    -       To organize activities to enforce and control implementation of Mongolian laws, international agreement, convention and standards and generally conforming legal normative that adopted by competent authorities at national level,  to  give professional and methodology advice and to develop and implement future activities

    -       To determine and plan the policy of inspection at food producing, to provide with advice of policy, method and general guidelines

    -       To make risk assessment on levels and activities of food network, to determine and intercept of risk reasons and to inform to public, to give advice on reducing the risk and to plan and implement inspections

    -       To determine local produced food whether meet with specification, hygiene sanitary and to organize risk based observation

    -       To control on embedding good practice and record of food and food product investigating      

    -       To inspect activities of food production industries in Mongolia and to ensure quality and safety of products that made by them

    -       To ensure safety of processed products that  imported into, being marketed in,  as well as being exported from Mongolia 

    -       To ensure implementation of Mongolian laws, rules, regulations and standards by making provisional inspection for new food factory construction

    -       To make complete database for food businesses, to make appropriate changes and movement and to provide public and non-governmental organizations and users with necessary information

    -       To detect and intercept activities that broken the procedures of standard and technology and interest and safety of consumers, to create decent conditions for citizens to consume their rights that to live in healthy and safe environment and to use quality products and decorous services.

    -       To inspect public catering establishment, environment, activities, sampling, adherence of food technology book, hygiene and storage of goods and raw materials

    -       To give professional aid, provide with information and give professional and methodical advice for businesses   

    -       To control storage, consumption, retrieval and spending of State reserves food products

    Food hygiene inspection

    -       To ensure implementation of law on food, law on ensuring safety of food products and other applicable laws, rules, regulations, standards and technical regulations

    -       To make risk assessment on food chain  levels and activities, to determine and intercept risk reasons, to inform to the public, to give advice on risk reduction and to plan and implement inspections

    -       To inspect whether stuffs that will be used in food chain, its building and workplace meet hygiene and sanitary requirements

    -       To determine whether imported and local produced food and relevant technical conditions meet other hygiene and sanitary requirements and to organize risk based surveillance

    -         To put control on internal activities of food producing, services and trade industries, implementation of hygiene and sanitary and internal regulations, good health practice and investigation of food raw materials and products.

    -       To make scheduled and non-scheduled inspections on whether food productions, services and sales meet safety and hygiene requirements, to emend detected faults and to give terminable mission on further measures and to monitor implementation

    -       To determine reasons and condition of food poisoning and toxic infections caused by food products, to implement intercepting epidemiological measures, to plan activities for detected faults and monitor its implementation

    -       To give information about food-related faults, warnings and cautions for public through the media, to organize training for food businesses