It is the 19th year of having independent law that regulating legal status of Mongolian civil servant and establishment of Civil Service Commission which is Central Organisation of Civil Service.

Sub-commission of Civil Service Commission were established within some Agencies and their working procedures were adopted by Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 20 of 2003. This decision laid foundation of implementation of the functions of Civil Service Commission that stated on applicable Laws and Rules in the Agencies.

The code of ethics for Public servant was adopted by Government resolution No. 288 of 2010 and Procedure of organizing and implementing the code of ethics for Public servant was adopted by Civil Service Commission resolution No. 129 of 2010. Ethics Committees, established by the decrees of Chairman of the GASI and other Chairmen of Local Inspection departments, have created monitoring mechanism for honourable and truthful duties of inspectors. Therefore, working procedure of sub-commission of Civil Service Commission, amended by Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 128 of 2013, substantively determined common and special rights and duties, differences of activities and organization of vacant and non-vacant sub-commission. The Resolution No. 128 of 2013 is significantly facilitating for the implementation of functions of Central Organization of Civil Service in local areas and sectors.

Sub-commission   within the GASI has laid the foundation of solving social issues and continuous development of personnel of specialized inspection sector by adopting “Human Resource Development Program”, “Studying Program”, “Working Condition and Social Guarantee Program” of Specialized Inspection Organization.

We are planning and implementing coherent activities to conduct policy, performance and standard of civil service reform in the inspection sector, to provide with good working condition and social guarantee and training for employees, to protect rights and interests of civil servants and to restore violated rights according to rights and duties stipulated on relevant laws and regulations. 


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