Mission, operational strategic goals and objectives of the GASI


Mission of Specialized Inspection Authority is situated to enforce legislations, to promote human and social sustainable development and decent conditions for businesses and to configure conditions for citizens that to live in healthy and safe environment and to use quality products and services in Mongolian territory.

Operational strategic objectives

General Agency will designate and implement following strategic objectives in order to achieve its mission:

-       To plan legislation on Specialized inspection and inspection policy and strategy, to provide with policy management and to organize implementation;

-       To implement state administration inspection, oriented to prevent from negative impacts that affecting to create convenient conditions that people to live and work  in healthy and safe environment and to consume quality products and services and businesses to run successfully , in accordance with international standards

-       To implement state administration control and to expand external cooperation

-       To assess and develop the legislations that regulating Specialized inspection activities

-       To determine and plan inspection policy and ensure its implementation and to organize internal control

-       To make and implement plan, program and project that to develop GASI

-       To develop inspection standards and common requirements for implementation of legislation in accordance with international standards

-       To provide general, local and border laboratories with advanced technology and improve its capacity

-       To develop and implement legal and economic grounds that professional experts to be able to work

-       To provide citizens with information about healthy and safe products and services, to divulge legislation to public

-       To develop legal environment of internal control of organizations and entities and to provide technical guidance and support 

-       To implement State administration leadership and to support organizational activities

-       To implement human resource management leadership, to prepare and retrain experts and to compound compact and high skilled human resource that able to effectively  implement organizational goals and directions

-       To organize legal environment of Specialized Inspection pursuant to international standards

-       To organize financial activities of the GASI in accordance with international accountancy standard and to regulate economic activities

-       To expand cooperation with foreign countries and international organizations and to use information technology management

Operational main objectives

Objective 1. To renew Specialized Inspection system and to reorganize organizational structure

Objective 2. To engrain risk management system by combining risk based inspection with methods of consultancy services, training, surveillance and monitoring and expanding risk analysis and databases

Objective 3. To conduct smart government principles and to improve disciplines and responsibilities

Objective 4. To improve control and coordination of internal operations of Specialized inspection authority and to make activities that to support general units of inspection more optimal.